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Someday, Someday, Maybe: A Novel

Someday, Someday, Maybe - Lauren Graham I know Lauren Graham best as Lorelei Gilmore from Gilmore Girls, my favorite TV show ever, so I was a bit nervous about reading her book. You know how some actress and singers really shouldn’t try to write? Luckily, Lauren Graham doesn’t belong in that category. By about fifteen percent in to the story, I totally forgot the reason I even heard of this book was because Lauren Graham wrote it. That fact just faded away into the story, which captivated me completely in the lights and hustle of New York and the struggles of Franny as she seeks an acting career.Franny was a great protagonist. Talented, but not an instant star. Not a weak heroine by any means, but also prone to despair at times. Determined, but sometimes easily persuaded by others. Smart and witty, but sometimes says stupid things. In short: Franny is a real person. A person I would like to hang out with, but a person with dreams, failures, faults, and strengths.The plot for Someday, Someday Maybe isn’t complex or thick, but it’s enjoyable. Franny really carries the weight of the story on her back, and she does so spectacularly. I really enjoyed the New York setting and how Franny sometimes seemed to struggle against the city, trying to balance her current job and her dream job. The book is set in 1995, which gave it an almost “Friends” feel to me. That pulled me out of the story a little more than I would have liked at times, but on the whole the setting was well-done. This isn’t the type of book that will have you pondering all the tiny elements of the plot, but it’s such an enjoyable read I didn’t even care if it was in a genre I typically don’t read.