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Falling Man

Falling Man - Don DeLillo In time, I think there will be a great many books about the September 11th attacks(I know there's quite a spread all ready). There will be some that will be commercial and emotionally manipulative and make some people cry and the rest of us angry. There will be some who build upon the works of others and treat the events as just another plot device in the book. And then there will be some literary works that seek to make sense(or rather, show us how little sense it all makes) of a national tragedy that defines a generation. I think Falling Man tries to be a book in the last category, but is simply not up to the task. I don't know if it's because it's too little removed from the tragedy or because the way DeLillo chooses to portray his characters doesn't work, but either way, I found this book lacking in what it's trying to accomplish.